Free Speech on this forum means-

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Free Speech on this forum means-

Post by koimaster » April 20th 2019, 12:46pm

1. Do not race bait here
2. Do not attack another member, you are no better than they are
3. Do not threaten or imply a threat to another member
4. You are adults, act like it
5. Free speach does not mean you can bully someone. The biggest bully on the board holds the ban hammer.
6. Use the ignore feature, it is free
7. If your panties get into a bunch, sort it via PM, take a deep breath,
Put you big boy undies on.

When this forum first started back in 2009 things were worked between people. If unhappy here we are trying to bring one of the original forums back, bdwf aka the best watch forum. If you use it will take you there.


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