The Gruen Watch Company

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The Gruen Watch Company

Post by koimaster » February 13th 2011, 4:32pm

Multiple pages long, links on bottom of original article. I need to ask permission to copy to PDf for the archives.

T H E G R U E N W A T C H C O M P A N Y 1867 - 1894

1867: One word from a woman's lips

Although the Gruen Watch Company was founded in 1894, the company later traced its history back to 1874, following the early career of its founder.

1894: D. Gruen & Son

After leaving the Columbus Watch Company, Fred found a job with a large company in Cincinnati, Ohio, working at a watchmaker's bench in a basement, sitting next to noisy machinery. Unhappy with his working conditions and his prospects, he took the train to Columbus and met with his father at the train station. They had a long talk and decided to try to start a new watch company


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Re: The Gruen Watch Company

Post by TemerityB » June 22nd 2016, 2:32pm

Today's "Gruen" resides at Kohl's in a $19 bin; same can be said for "Elgin" (at least until recently, a quality MZ Berger atrocity, like, you know, Renato). Other zombie brands in the modern era: Bell & Howell, Sharper Image, Kodak is getting there, Polaroid, lotsa stuff. I'd rather see Elgin and Gruen be collectable old-time brands than see what's become of them these days. I guess some marketing chimps think there's enough Great Grandpas to confuse out there.
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