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Post by koimaster » February 10th 2022, 12:05pm

Previous to the 1900s Patek was mostly known for its pocket watches, as they were more popular and widely used by the public. They were commissioned to make great works for aristocrats around Europe – gaining fame as a brand themselves. From the early 20th century Patek Philippe produced wristwatches with some early references often being purchased back from the Patek Philippe Museum in recent times. Today, Patek Philippe is mostly known for its wristwatches, but it is worthwhile to explore some of their earlier works.

One wonderful example of this is the 1923 Patek Officer watch no. 124,824. This is a timepiece manufactured in 1923 and known as the earliest example of a split-seconds wrist chronograph in existence. This watch sold for almost $3 million in 2014 to the Patek Philippe Museum. It was commissioned, however, all the way back in 1903 – right at the start of the century – and only delivered in 1923. The watch had previously sold for about $2 million in a 1999 Antiquorum auction.

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