Ollech & Wajs Caribbean 1000

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Ollech & Wajs Caribbean 1000

Post by koimaster » May 2nd 2020, 2:59pm

It is no great secret that vintage diving watches are at the top of our list of must-have cool shit. After all, it was affection for a little-known (and relatively little-cared about) diving watch brand that kicked off our obsession with vintage watches in general. Fifteen years on, that brand holds a significant place in our hearts, even after moving into the business professionally, and diversifying in terms of the watches we provide.


The brand that got us hooked is DOXA, originally introduced to us through the writings of Clive Cussler, whose fictional hero wore one in the dozens of escapist adventure stories we read as kids. More than any other brand, DOXA signifies for us the spirit behind mankind's exploratory nature, our desire to understand and conquer our environment. The earliest DOXA Sub Series divers set several benchmarks (quite literally) by which modern diving watches are measured, and were used widely by the professional divers and explorers who are our heroes today.
So what, you might ask, does DOXA have to do with this shiny thing you're looking at right now? Glad you asked!

During the mid 1960s, the Jenny (pronounced "Yanni") Watch Company patented their MONOBLOC Triple-Safe case designs, which were used on their own self-branded pieces, as well as sold to brands such as Jacques Monnat, Dugena, Haste, Jacquet Droz, Fortis, Aquadive and Philip Watch, among others. These early professional-grade divers were all marketed with the "Caribbean" name, signifying their aquatic pedigree. The designer of these pieces contributed his knowledge and technical know-how to the development of the earliest DOXA Sub Series divers, forming a connection with the brand early on. Clearly there was a sharing of design elements, evidenced by the DOXA-like dials with spartan designs, large luminescent plots, and text scripts.

https://shop.analogshift.com/products/o ... bbean-1000

More here and more photos

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