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Snippets Of Watchmaking History

Posted: April 19th 2020, 7:26pm
by koimaster
Truly Incredible & Amusing Snippets Of Watchmaking History Surfaced In This Archive Featured Articles

I stumbled across what is called the Arcanum Digitecha, a digital library with 27,156,195 scanned pages of scientific and cultural content published in Hungarian from the early 1800s to date. Texts of encyclopedias, journals, and books are available to search just as though you were using Google. It’s a paid service, but I was happy to shell out the $50 or so for an annual subscription. Immediately, I enthusiastically dived into it, searching for the names of famous watch brands, watchmakers, and other news with what I’d hoped would be search terms specific enough to find watch industry-related articles. ... g-history/