Gallet MultiChron 30M

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Gallet MultiChron 30M

Post by koimaster » April 15th 2020, 11:11am

The MultiChron 30, a high quality timer with 2 subsidiary registers and 30 minute recording capability, was the world's 1st true wrist-worn chronograph. The 30 also holds the distinction as the world’s first wrist chronograph to be housed in a “waterproof” case. Engineered in 1936 by Gallet watchmaker Philippe Weiss utilizing Schmitz Frères patent #189190A, the unique 2-part "Clamshell" compression case for the model 30M was designed to protect the delicate inner mechanism from the adverse conditions found on the field of battle. Due to the Clamshell's historic status and superb quality, it has become one of the most coveted timepieces among today's vintage watch and chronograph collectors.

The MultiChron 30M initially utilized Valjoux and Minerva chronograph movements, followed by the Venus calibre 150 for later series. When Gallet began production of their own Excelsior Park chronograph movements with 45 minute recording capability, the model 30M was replaced by the MultiChron 45M. ... on_30.html


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