Trench watch origins

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Trench watch origins

Post by bobbee » January 17th 2017, 1:11am

The term "Trench Watch" was once thought by some to be a modern phrase, originating in places where the old watches like those below were sold, such as ebay.
In January 2015, an author of books on early wrist watches in the US claimed the phrase originated with Waltham, and posted such on WUS. ... st12046769

His advert (below) was dated to mid-April 1916, smack bang in the middle of WW1, and as well as other advert from slightly later was taken as the "origins" of the phrase.


Several months after this advert was posted, I discovered an earlier mention in "The Sketch" dating to December 1915, thus "bringing back" the term to good old England. Close up of the advert shows the phrase being used in the Benson's watchmakers advert.


Then, last week, another member of WUS posted his latest find, a trench watch with those very words fired into the dial. ... 24930.html

He thought the watch possibly pre-dated the two adverts, and yet another member found that it was recorded on Mikrolisk as a registered trade mark to Ernest Borel, Neuchatel in April 1915! ... ucheMarker

It's good to find that it wasn't a modern phrase as once thought, and great that proof is found in an actual example.
Well done to Kris (trim) for his find.
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