French made Heuer Chronographs

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French made Heuer Chronographs

Post by koimaster » October 27th 2013, 9:25pm

Found this posted by a poster named Europa ... ronographs

Try here for movement types & model numbers:

This table entry isn't *that* accurate, for instance, the Ref 12 is in fact Swiss Made, a common mistake, as it was listed on the same page as the French Made chronos in the Heuer catalogues.

There is no proof (AFAIK) that they were made by Monnin. They could have been, but there are no stampings to suggest so, I think it is a common misunderstanding based on loose internet chatter. Yes, the early 844 divers were made my Monnin in France, and some put 2 and 2 together to get 5, as the chronos are French made. Remember that some had 'Fab. Suiss' (or similar) on the dials too.

As for 'are they special' - well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and all that. Certainly, if I were to be brutal, I would say that the French made chronos are lowest on the Heuer chrono ladder. They fall within a certain price point that makes them attractive, but some don't like the unsigned movements. A mint one from a dealer will start to push c£6-700.. when you get to this kind of price point, your eyes drift towards the well worn Pasadenas etc.

Also, there was a glut of cases/movements/handsets that hit the market several years agom so there are plenty of NOS examples around - again, some don't feel comfortable with this, as they have no idea if it is a out together or an original - when I say 'put together' - I don't mean a franken, they are all pure Heuer, just assembled from parts.

They are a good fun & a good entry into Heuer chronos.

To answer your questions directly..

So far I've only found one short blog post and a page out of an old catalogue with a few Google searches.
Try here: pics 1, 2, 3 -
and here: all three chronos..

Were they actually made by Monnin?
See Above

Are the cases and movements used elsewhere (a-la Monnin 844 divers?).
There is evidence that some where, the movements were not signed, and were common calibers of the day.

What movements do they use, are they auto/manual wind or both?
Manual Valjoux 7765 & 7734

Whats the lug size?
Typically 19mm. Some may have been 20mm - I can't say for sure.

How do they wear - I guess they look fairly big because of the lack of bezel? Anyone own one and care to share experience?
Not massive, around 38-39mm I believe.


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