Why Smaller Watches are More Expensive

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Why Smaller Watches are More Expensive

Post by koimaster » May 18th 2018, 8:21am

Raw materials and added value

The problems encountered by watchmakers are quite different than those confronted by other industries, for example the automobile industry. In the production of a car, the cost of its raw materials represents a very important factor. A small car requires 600 to 700 kg of raw materials while double that amount is necessary to produce a large automobile. The purchase and storage of the raw material is also a significant investment. The difference in cost is thus obvious. In addition, a small car is usually simpler than a big one in terms of finishing, accessories and comfort.

For watches, unless covered in diamonds, the cost of the material is negligible in relation to the added value in terms of the human labor necessary to produce the finished pieces. The cost of machining and assembling a watch is quite high relative to the size of the object. A small watch is no less sophisticated in terms of finishing or comfort than its big brother and requires the same time to complete it.

Smaller series

One of the main reasons why small watches are more expensive is that they are usually made in smaller quantities. Ladies’ watches are often tied to fashion trends, but even if they are everyday pieces or expensive jewelry items, they are made in lesser quantities than their masculine counterparts. The cases are usually different, although the movement may be the same in both watches.

Paradoxically, it is not the movement that contributes the most to the cost of a watch, but its case. Small-series production of cases in precious metals, or materials which are hard to work with, adds the biggest chunk to the price of a watch.

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