i Boughtened a Gnu laydies WArtche

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Re: i Boughtened a Gnu laydies WArtche

Post by biglove » September 16th 2017, 9:32pm

conjurer wrote:
Hawk wrote:It's a GODAM Piaget - prolly from the Piaget catalog I sent Mrs. C.

More specifically:
http://www.piaget.com/watches/white-gol ... h-g0a38169

knott Evan glen Close.

Wee neEd ah hint aBOUt the waTcH, dammittohell.
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Re: i Boughtened a Gnu laydies WArtche

Post by 3Flushes » September 17th 2017, 12:06am

eye Half bin thinking' and thynkin' and eye think ewe baht wonna thoughze vicktoreeknocks ladee,s Armee wartches''' eye baut won four mye
gurl frend emmagene wonce and shee luved me four eh weak strait entill She dumbped me four mye probayshon offisir brenduhh. eye,ve allwayz wundurd did that damm millataree wartch tern hur lezbow. eye hope Ewe git betur luk then eye gotted with Yore luvlee Missus.
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Re: i Boughtened a Gnu laydies WArtche

Post by Mortuus Fakeuus » September 17th 2017, 4:34am

EyE thin ewe mightuh botter uh jhackwheeze Marsaille bekuz Reek Kaleener Irene dunne maid sum gnu wortches whif hobanyan-toeblackuh eva braun dyels own them, an they is SEKSEA ass awl gitout! Verdannt...beak hairfull off germ mans, accuzz they's aus their, eatin sigsauerbratten undt uzzer shite.

gota go. bergur kingg hazz uh sail own 3-day 'ol cheezebergencherhaussenflappenundtfrenchenfryeneinzweidrei and sew fourth, etc. to-day own-lee. gunna go help mice elf two uh few uhn 'em...yup. URRP! HURRRK! O wow eYe jest borfed in muh mouf uh liddle. yark...

owen tell durt butts tuh goan fugh hisseluff, ork...urp...snorg...rupple..glutz!
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