Sophy Rindler on her Collecting in Miami

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Sophy Rindler on her Collecting in Miami

Post by koimaster » March 5th 2017, 9:23pm

I know Sophy and besides being a collector, she is co-founder of WAG (watch art Gallery), the head of RedBar Miami and well know in the industry. ... pp=desktop


For years have been in contact with Sophy Rindler, a person as well as truly lovely, very resourceful!

Our meeting opportunities are unfortunately limited to the Basel Fair and / or daily at the company.

The fb site Premium Mechanical Microbrands


D . What was the reason for the birth of your fb Group?

R : The main argument was to lead to the air forefront of watchmaking "new", ie the so-called "micro" brands. In so doing, readers and brands interact directly, in the light of a strict performed a priori screening. This means that one of the highest requirements both have high-quality content and conversations thanks to an uncompromising Director and always vigilant. The Micro brand is probably the one that can be considered the "next generation of traditional watches." The information flow in the network enables customers to be well aware of what they are buying. It could also say that the microbrands, thanks to this concept of transparency, mechanical watches are offered to the consumer of the 3rd millennium.

Q : How do you get your news? R : A daily reading of blogs and magazines dedicated to watches, as well as the information, which come directly from the brands themselves or messages by the private sector, are the essence of knowledge as offered to the Administrator Group.

Q : When you founded the fb group?

R : Since I work for six months, given the results, I can well believe you are on the right track.

Q : Where did you collected your experience in the world of watch?

R : My first approach to the watch world was founded in 2012. Thanks to the ( editor's note : let's call it) luck or privilege to have met the right people and to have had mentors, who have educated me better. In short I was able to become a master watchmaker. As a woman in a male-dominated field, I knew establish myself pretty quickly, maintaining the mine to 100% independence.

Q : I have a dream ... what? R : My dream is to own my own watch brand. ( Editor's note : in our view it is only a matter of time, we believe!).

Q : You have other passions (cars, jewelery, ...) in your life?

R : I love not only watches, but also cars, jewelry, animals, nature and the pleasure of being Mom. My real passion is life itself; the only thing that matters.

Q : How many countries did you get in touch?

R : I was born and raised in Paris, then I lived in the US, but remain more European than American. The profession wants me often in Switzerland, I have settled in Geneva structure called "Watches Art Gallery", but has not made me forget my company in Miami. So, fully bicultural, it communicates easily with both the Swiss watch industry, both with CEOs and brand managers in the United States.

D : Organize something (events) on the front line?

R : At the moment I'm launching my blog, which will have the name of "Watch Philosophy". At the forefront it will be worth the human aspect of the watchmaking world, ie a new perspective in the field, but also to put in highlights what happens behind the scenes. The goal is to make people understand that the process behind the creation of a watch is much more complicated than Imagine and requires much more effort than just entering data into a computer program, or the setting of certain machinery.

Q : Last, but not least: you have constructive criticism for big brands?

R : My constructive criticism of the big brands are: "Open your eyes, open your ears and close your wallets!". The industry has forgotten that he is working to please their clients. Large groups were very greedy, going to forget the essential: the consumer. The parallel market has been bankrolled and this has stifled what was a healthy market. Rising prices, without any logical argument, besides the fact corporate earnings, as well as to have assumed that the Asian market would be eternal, he has badly formed their ego. The result today is that we are going through the biggest crisis since the quartz in the '70s. However, this crisis is much more serious, because it is an existential crisis in the watch industry. It is not caused by external elements such as the invention of the battery, but rather by the lack of perspective. This implies the need for a complete rethink of the watch industry bases. There is a lot of work to do, but it is the optimism prevailed and this eventually will make us stronger, with a cleaner market. The industry needs to figure out who is the consumer of 2020; those who continue to pursue the past, persisting in wanting to believe that customers are the same '90s or 2000, is inevitably doomed to failure.

Thank Sophy, good work and see you at Baselworld 2017 . Lorenzo Sutti ... y-rindler/



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