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Sarek Ladies watches

Post by koimaster » September 27th 2016, 11:06am

Sarek Ladies – a Swedish national treasure on your wrist

Damascus steel is generally thought of as being raw and unpolished. However, GoS has shown that it is possible to manufacture elegant and exclusive watches from our hand forged steel and we are proud to announce the first GoS ladies watch.
The Sarek Ladies is the first ever women's watch with a damascus steel dial. Johan Gustafsson has a unique ability to extract natural vibrant colors from his hand forged steel, which we use in the Sarek to the fullest. The idea of making watches based on a National Park was initiated and developed by Patrik Sjögren and Johan Gustafsson during the winter of 2015/2016 and introduced with a prototype of a Sarek men's watch during Baselworld 2016. GoS then continued to develop the men's watch but also started to work on a ladies model. The ladies model shares some of the Viking inspired details that were introduced with the men's Sarek while adding new details such as the strap screws. The elliptic grooves on the case ring which GoS premiered on the men´s Sarek have been made more elegant and the whole case is high gloss polished. Another striking difference us the index markers of Sarek Ladies, which opened to show the colored steel below. The slightly sloped case interior provides more light to the indexes and provides a surface on which the colored damascus steel is reflected. ... adies.html


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Re: Sarek Ladies watches

Post by Hawk » September 27th 2016, 11:52am

Wasn't Sarek the Vulcan ambassador to the Federation of Planets and Spock's father?

Be that as it may this: "Damascus steel is generally thought of as being raw and unpolished." was a puzzling remark. I sure as hell never thought of pattern welded steel as rough or unpolished with the possible exception of some nasty Eibar region shotguns imported a century ago.

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