New watch inbound

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Re: New watch inbound

Post by ocean » June 3rd 2024, 7:59pm

smellody wrote:
June 3rd 2024, 4:22am
ocean wrote:
June 3rd 2024, 2:48am
smellody wrote:
June 2nd 2024, 4:40pm

Ok el Presidente!
Winner 🏆
18239 reference
That’s a beautiful piece and when I saw the trade I knew that there’s only a few that would make me want to flip three for one.
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Re: New watch inbound

Post by smellody » June 4th 2024, 7:23pm

artman wrote:
June 4th 2024, 5:34pm
That's beautiful man. Must've been tough to let go of the 3.
Just dropped them off. . . It was hard.

The Ex2 can be replaced and I have a new white one. I have seven other subs so the 36mm was not worn. I will miss the being and rarity of the Datejust. Roman numerals are rare. MOP is rare. Smooth bezel is rare. Oyster is a little more common now, but rarer.
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