Seiko MM200 GMT

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Re: Seiko MM200 GMT

Post by conjurer » September 27th 2023, 11:02pm

Some early impressions:

This is, really, a dive watch with a GMT complication. It uses, instead of a 24 hour bezel, a fully indexed dive bezel (in ceramic!).

The movement is Seiko's newest midrange movement, the 6R54, which beats at 3Hz, is fully handwinding and hackable, has the GMT hand (setable via crown, 24 hour index on the rehaut, and has a power reserve of 72 hours. The accuracy is OK, about -4 seconds a day. This is not stellar, but OK. It's been quite stable, gaining a second overnight, dial up, and then losing five seconds the next day on the wrist. I'd rather the watch ran 4 seconds fast, but what the fuck you gonna do?

The color is really fucking cool. I'd call it a British racing green on the bezel, with about the same color on the dial, on in sunray. In certain low light conditions, it looks quite black.

The real standout is the case, which is a reduced Marinemaster copy. While it isn't a one piece case, like the original MM300, it looks very similar. I wouldn't go so far as to call the finishing zaratzu, but it is very fine indeed, with razor-thin divisions between brushed and polished. One nice point is the case and bracelet are covered with Seiko's Dia-Shield, which should keep the watch looking nice and crisp for a long time. The case is about 42mm wide, and only about 13mm thick, so it's a lot more comfy than the old 44mm MM300. Size-wise, it wears about the same as either an old Monster or an SKX.

The big letdown is the bracelet. Indeed, when I opened the box (from Arizona Fine Time, a great AD, BTW) the bracelet had come loose from the case, not the best unboxing I've ever seen. However, I was able to salvage some pins and collars from sizing the bracelet and repaired the damage. I had to remove two links to size the bracelet to my 6.75 inch wrist, and it fits and wears pretty much perfect. Those guys out there with really big paws might need to source some extra links from your AD. The clasp was OK, but the whole thing seemed a little cheap and rattly.

The lume is fine, not as nuclear as the old Monsters or SKXs, but able to last through the night to an early morning.

Overall, this is a very pretty watch. The green is very arresting, and the very fine finishing of the case and ceramic bezel look great. Indeed, with the gold GMT hand and lack of GMT bezel, you could almost forget that this is a GMT watch.

In terms of value, well, this is a bit hard to figure out. It retails for $1500 US, and I was lucky enough to find one in stock at AZFT, where I paid full boat price. Apparently, these things are very hot at the moment, and some jagoffs are selling them (or, more exactly, trying to sell them at a premium on various secondary market sights. Compared to, say, the Seiko 5 GMT, there's no contest, the MM200 GMT kicks it's ass, although at three times the price. Compared to something that's about the same price, the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf GMT, the Seiko still kills it. Going up against the Sinn 105 UTC, which costs nearly a grand more, the Sinn easily wins.

So, I'd say the Seiko is worth the money. In days gone by, I was one of the biggest Seiko fanboys out there, although in recent years I thought the brand had lost it's edge in terms of value. As I get closer to retirement, I know that I can't spring for brands like Sinn or Tudor very much anymore, but at a buck and a half, the MM200 GMT ain't a bad buy.
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Re: Seiko MM200 GMT

Post by Mark1 » September 28th 2023, 7:14am

I too really like the dial color, looking forward to seeing it in person. The ceramic bezel looks really nice also. Congrats John.
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Re: Seiko MM200 GMT

Post by jason_recliner » September 28th 2023, 4:01pm

I love these. That case shape, the lug treatment in particular, is my favourite for a dive watch 🤔. But the bracelet is a bit generic, no personality, doesn't say "Seiko". I think this needs a 🧇 to finish it off.
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Re: Seiko MM200 GMT

Post by 3Flushes » September 28th 2023, 10:16pm

conjurer wrote:
September 27th 2023, 11:02pm
...The big letdown is the bracelet. Indeed, when I opened the box (from Arizona Fine Time, a great AD, BTW) the bracelet had come loose from the case...
WTF - what'd they do, have a baggage handler deliver it? Surely the dealer would take a peek and make sure everything was in order before sending it out, right? Dayum. Glad it runs ok after taking a china rattling like that.
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