Finally, the Tudor Black Bay 41 Heritage is mine

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Finally, the Tudor Black Bay 41 Heritage is mine

Post by artman » August 23rd 2023, 10:49pm

Since it came out in 2018 I’ve been lusting after this watch. Every time I go to any Tudor store I would always try on this watch, but I could never justify its $3k+ price tag. It doesn’t have day or date complication. It doesn’t have a clicky bezel. And it’s only water resistant to 150m. My God, this thing only tells the time and it doesn’t even distinguish from AM or PM! So why have I been so infatuated by this thing which only does one thing?? Because it just feels right. The edges feel smooth to the touch. The weight feels perfect on my wrist. And it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy all over. But what about the $3k+ price tag?? Fortunately for me, the Black Bay 41 recently got an upgrade. New in-house movement, new dial layout, new crown and a new price tag! So, the AD had to put the new/old stock with the smiley face, big crown and ETA movement inside on sale, because obviously the Universe really wanted me to have this particular watch and I am grateful to the Universe and I absolutely love everything about it. I love the smiley face. I love the big crown that sticks out. And I love how easy this thing will be to service with the ETA inside.

Thank you Universe and thank you to my wife for dealing with my "hobby".
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Re: Finally, the Tudor Black Bay 41 Heritage is mine

Post by Thunder1 » August 24th 2023, 5:40am

Many a Watch God raise their ale filled gourds in salute to your fine a$$ pick up...they all give it 2 spears up!!..
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