Oops I did it again!

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Re: Oops I did it again!

Post by smellody » January 22nd 2023, 7:12pm

codguy wrote:
January 22nd 2023, 6:06pm
smellody wrote:
January 22nd 2023, 2:40pm
svaglic wrote:
January 22nd 2023, 2:27pm
Tudor for THE WIN! 🏆
One of these ????

nope. just the regular black bay. it was a price that I couldn't say no. I had the original maroon bezel ETA Rose version when they first came out. This one is just black/black with the shield and the new in-house chronometer movement.

It was cheap because it does not have its bracelet but is coming with 1) an Everest strap and 2) a RubberB strap.

My watchmaker just let me know about a 1675/3 that he is getting... there may be another incoming.
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