Lucky me, two in one day. Issey Miyake

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Lucky me, two in one day. Issey Miyake

Post by svaglic » August 17th 2022, 1:42pm

A new watch with the warranty and box.
I like the lugless look, although at 45mm, this is pretty big.
I was surprised to see there is no signed crown. Look at what a chunk this is though.
Very nice, quality bracelet. If I size it, it will need two off the 12 and five off the 6.
The back
I’m happy. I don’t think I’ll wear it, it’s big and heavy and I don’t think I’ll appreciate the weight. I got it because it’s an Issey collaboration with Seiko. Since he died I figured I better grab one while I can. He won’t be making anymore so I can’t wait and hope he makes one I like better.
I have an Alba, a J. Springs, 2 GSX’s with the 4s15, a Yema with the 4s15 when they were under Seiko and now this.
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In memory of TB/Phfluff, since he isn’t here to continue to give his praise, I will share it for him.
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