Seiko SLA043

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Re: Seiko SLA043

Post by Pete26 » March 27th 2022, 6:50pm

Nuvolari wrote:
March 27th 2022, 9:25am
Congratulations on your retirement! This stage of your collecting is entering a different phase? “It beats workin’!”

That seems like a great trade between two conscientious enthusiasts. Really, as you know, you want whatever is in your send-off to be going to a good custodian. Rather than a damn flipper.

On that Seiko - DAMN! Love the blue. And the waffle band completes the vintage vibe…. While that glow of the sapphire hints of more modern engineering.

In be-wheeled terms: it looks like a {Nissan JDM} ‘Skyline’, while powered by ‘GTR’ hardware!

Nuvolari APPROVES!

Thank you
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