2nd place and I don't mind a bit!

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2nd place and I don't mind a bit!

Post by nimbleboy » January 13th 2022, 4:28pm

Hey, thanks a million to bbattle for the Guess Which College Football Teams Won't Get Decimated By Covid contest. I'll take second any day I get a watch I like...

It arrived yesterday and I wore it to the museum across the street from me for happy hour ($3 beer!) (https://new.artsmia.org/). I planned to sit down and enjoy two or three Surly Furious- not my favorite, but hey, did I mention they are $3? I got my mis-poured beer and on my way to an empty table, spotted a neighbor. More specifically, she was a close neighbor of my partner's before my partner and I decided to shack up and move into a two-bedroom apartment in the same complex where we already lived (http://www.fairoaksmpls.com/).

So I ended up talking with my neighbor from the other end of the block for an hour and a half. She's 83, a former inner-city Mpls high school English teacher, and proud owner of a Cartier Tank that she bought herself in the '70s. She told me about the Hamilton she got when she graduated high school. Sadly, her people don't understand or care what she has (in that watch, in Chinaware, in... etc.) so she wondered what I thought she should do with it (I said get it appraised). She asked me because she had heard about my love of watches from a couple people around here...

So now I have someone to meet me at HH at the museum- someone with whom I enjoy chatting.

Anyway, I really dig the watch bbattle sent for my second-place finish. It's quite lovely. Interestingly (only to me, maybe?) one of the first "good" watches I bought when I started looking into watches is an EcoDrive that quit on me. It's probably nine years old. Eh... whatever.

This one is pretty. My partner said it's her favorite of all my watches. My collection isn't impressive, but I definitely have watches I think are more impressive...

Well, whatever. Thanks, again, bbattle!

The soundtrack to my posting is The Replacements, in case you thought I couldn't get more Mpls...

Is it safe?
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