I found my next, next watch!

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Re: I found my next, next watch!

Post by MAX » December 9th 2021, 7:50am

At 9kt just how much gold is in that thing? 1/4 oz. maybe?

$11,600, about the price of 6.5 troy oz. of gold. Ill take 5 oz of gold and a $2,500 watch.

Is a beautiful watch though.
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Re: I found my next, next watch!

Post by codguy » December 9th 2021, 12:05pm


I'm digging this bronze/gold Omega no lie. Is it worth the cost? Yes In my view.

Jewelry is rarely equal to the price of the contents, a bunch of its value is in the form of design/craftsmanship/artistry.

I have a bunch of 18k Italian, Egyptian & Turkish gold jewelry pieces purchased in those countries that cost more than the gold value they contain. I didn't purchase the pieces for the gold content but for the jewelry aspect. Same goes for the OP wrist worn, time telling jewelry imo.

Case in point, I own two of these hand made rings in 14K, one in white, one in yellow gold. Gold weight is negligible to the price paid.....but it was the craftsmanship from the one man Istanbul shop that mattered. Went back to his shop afew times to ensure the fit/finish was right. Eight separate individual bands that lock together like a puzzle.


Here is how these rings go together fwiw.


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