REVEEL'd. .eye bawt anuthr' knew wartch

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Re: Eye bawt anuthr' knew wartch

Post by jason_recliner » October 25th 2021, 9:24pm

smellody wrote:
October 25th 2021, 9:05pm
jason_recliner wrote:
October 25th 2021, 8:53pm
Cornflake divers dive watch for diving?
Dinner 🐔

The most bad ass dude dyve wartch ever

Knott fake ass dyve wartches like bedtowns
Sweet! Great looking watches IMO. Blue dial?
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Re: REVEEL'd. .ye bawt anuthr' knew wartch

Post by conjurer » October 26th 2021, 3:21pm

smellody wrote:
October 26th 2021, 3:13pm
jason_recliner wrote:
October 26th 2021, 3:10pm
That isn't a cornflake dive watch for diving it doesn't have cornflake hands.
Write. Thay arr 💀 ☠ hands for halowean
those Our fhyne hands they Reminde me of My jonson only Without Peroghi;s desease.

that's Iz a bootyfull wartche.
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Re: REVEEL'd. .eye bawt anuthr' knew wartch

Post by smellody » October 26th 2021, 7:19pm

Thankee frends.

Two bee onest..

Eye had a Invicter Swizz Made 7750 ETZA Sir Thommy Hobbes' lavenathian an really, really liked it.

It had simlerHUGE lumplots. Owlso, eye had an nice sector Yello dialed diver wartch width huge HUGE lume plotz.... eye think Juan of yew half it nowe.
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