Omega Speedmaster Professional 3861

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Omega Speedmaster Professional 3861

Post by Pete26 » October 13th 2021, 7:04pm

What a fucking year, I broke my shoulder last year, then my mother died in December. I broke my back in June and still recovering.

I have bought a couple of lower end watches to keep the madness at bay, but on a whim after earlier selling my SMP, Rolex Datejust and Omega MC300, I started thinking about a nice watch. I had contacted the Rolex Boutique a few days before regarding my place on the list for a Rolex Submariner Date and was told that thy have hundreds of potential buyers on the list and they get maybe 4-6 watches per year. I originally placed my name on the list in march 2019. The SA said that they do have a rose gold Skydweller and a two tone Yacht-Master. I asked "are these available to buy "and the SA said "no". I politely said, "why the fuck would I want to try on a watch that I can't buy".

After that cathartic conversation, I contacted the Omega Boutique in my city and asked about the new Omega Speedy Pro. I really expected to get a similar response as the last time I enquired, stating that there is a waiting list. To my surprise I got an immediate response saying that they had one in stock. After picking myself off the floor, I replied and they said they would send it out to me if I cannot get in. This cemented the deal for me as I have not been very mobile. I have not been able to wear auto watches during this time due to my lack of mobility as every time I moved my body, including any of my limbs sharp spasms shot through my lower back.

After sending payment through, the SA sized it for me ( I told them my wrist measurements) and sent it to me. I am extremely impressed with this watch and the Omega Boutique's professional attitude. Not only did they ship the watch promptly and carefully, they also shipped it in the original dealers blue coffin box. Simon the SA told me that this watch had just been received from Omega and hadn't made it to the showroom floor.

The watch has a METAS certification and so far has been very accurate. The slim profile makes the watch very comfortable to wear. Some complain about the small clasp but I love it and the bracelet links a la jubilee are a joy to wear.

The 3861 movement is based on the Lemania 1863 with added Co-Axial escapement and METAS certification. The watch has 26 jewels and a 50 hour PR.

The dial has been upgraded very nicely with stepped subdials and the lume is an improved formula, glowing strongly throughout the night.

I'm very happy with this one and even though my wife wants me to keep my name on the Rolex list, I don't think I will be spending my money there anytime soon. thinking about it, maybe this year won't be a complete crock after all.

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Re: Omega Speedmaster Professional 3861

Post by Thunder1 » October 14th 2021, 5:06am

Many a Watch God raise their ale filled gourds in salute to your fine ass pick up--they all give it 2 spears up!!..
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Re: Omega Speedmaster Professional 3861

Post by Nuvolari » October 17th 2021, 10:48am

It’s difficult to shrug off a retail brand inviting you to fuck off - but much easier when you seize the chance to say, “Yeah? Well, fuck you, too!” And there is no better way to communicate that than to entertain the wares of their biggest adversary. Basically, Rolex service enticed you to buy - OMEGA!

In the early 1980s Mercedes-Benz invited the fairly-small manufacturer of Munich, Bayerische Motoren Werke to collect all of their American buyers seeking to purchase a non-diesel car through their European Deliver Program.

Hey, it’s the ‘80s - and you wanna use your strong American dollars to visit Europe on the cheap? And you figured out it makes more sense to go ahead and buy the new car you were contemplating - but buy it in the states as a US car without import hassle and then ‘save money’ on your vacation buy not having to secure a hired/rental car. Clever, right?

You walk into the Mercedes-Benz dealer to option out your new high-performance S-Class sedan but the shiny-suit sales people advise you can have an engine you want - as long as it is diesel.

It’s close enough to to walk there, but you decide to drive to the BMW dealer a block away where the dealer does not say no to any of your requests for your Teutonic cruiser: largest petrol engine, limited slip, manual transmission, air vents for the rear passengers…. And all you hear is, “Yes, Sir - will that be all?”

Now BMW is MUCH more of a pain in the Daimler-Benz AG collective ass than they could have ever anticipated in the 1960s. But some of the BMW good fortune was a direct result of shortsighted service levels.

I’m sure Omega is quite fond of the Rolex waiting lists…

Fucking AWESOME watch. Just beautiful. Smells is right.. I, too, love Rolex - but they can be such assholes that it has really made me appreciate Omega.

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Re: Omega Speedmaster Professional 3861

Post by TemerityB » October 17th 2021, 3:59pm

^^^ Can't argue with any of that. And the new get is beyond classic, as noted above.

Good on ya, sir.
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