New One For Mrs. C

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Re: New One For Mrs. C

Post by Mark1 » May 28th 2021, 9:25pm

That's a beauty there John, and well earned by your lady , I'd say. Congrats on the watch and the wearer.
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Re: New One For Mrs. C

Post by conjurer » June 2nd 2021, 10:54pm

smellody wrote:
June 2nd 2021, 10:30pm
Did she love it?
Yup. She did indeed. At first she thought that I'd spent too much, but I managed to convince her that I got a good deal gray market on the sumbitch.

If interested, I bought this one through Jomashop, which has a metric shit-ton of these 1926 Tooters on their site--I suppose it wasn't a very popular model. Apart from the fact that they charged me WA state sales tax (the bastards--I suppose it's a NY state thing), shipping was fairly quick and included the standard Tooter fuck-you big box.

Overall, it's a nice watch; it comes with whatever caliber ETA auto that they use for smaller women's models, it isn't COSC, but who cares with a dress watch. The bracelet is very nice and supple, much more so than me. The rose gold bits are, I suppose, Rolex Everose, but I'm not sure about that.
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