The Harwood has arrived

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The Harwood has arrived

Post by svaglic » April 27th 2021, 5:06pm

I came home to find my Harwood has arrived.
Here are the specs.
It was in a very small package, I was surprised by that. As I opened the package, there was a white powder on top. I’ll sniff it later and let you guys know what it is.
When I opened it I could tell they put a lot of pride and joy of presentation in their product. More white powder, so all is forgiven.
At this point, I’m not wowed.

At least it isn’t a return. Here it is, laid out in all its glory. Seriously, at this point I’m thinking that Invicta has better presentation.
Then I see the dial and you guys know I’m a sucker for a nice textured dial.
This little thing is actually heavier then I imagined it would be. It has some heft to it.
Here is the side shot, obviously no signed crown.
Check out that MSRP.... and with that presentation in the box, it’s gold. Of course I paid 441 or 444 I can’t remember, but for that price I guess I can’t complain about presentation. If I paid that MSRP and got that presentation, I’d be pretty mad, I would expect someone to take the plastic off and place it on the watch box pillow. The clasp is well made, it looks like high quality. The bracelet looks comfortable enough, I will size it later, it is a screw link bracelet and it feels like quality.

I didn’t even think it would have lume, I discovered it when I went to the closet to get a jacket. Little thing has tasteful lume though, I’m impressed.
Ugly case back, too blingy for me, I’m glad no one can see it. Oh, I think it might be a limited edition with that number.
The directions to set the time, I was surprised at how easy it is. I guess it would be tough to put a date on the watch with a bezel control. That’s fine, I like it with no date.
I can’t complain, at the price I got it for and what I got, I got a deal. I like it. I’m not sure how much wrist time it will get, but it’s kind of cool and I’m glad I got it.
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Re: The Harwood has arrived

Post by jason_recliner » April 27th 2021, 5:49pm

svaglic wrote:
April 27th 2021, 5:06pm
When I opened it I could tell they put a lot of pride and joy of presentation in their product.
Hater. That's a Swiss plastic bag.

Not sure about this one. Been a while since I've seen a gold-coloured 2892. Hmm...
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