Oops - I Bought The Wrong Product!

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Oops - I Bought The Wrong Product!

Post by Nuvolari » February 20th 2021, 11:02am

I was fishing around on the Fleabay searching for quality photographs of the adventurous racing and aviation pioneer, Sir Charles Rolls.

Other vintage rockstars came up along the search, including some incredible images of The Great One, himself - Tazio Nuvolari.

And then, a few spaces lower, beyond images of Nuvolari winning the 1935 Grand Prix of Germany - the greatest motorsport victory of all time wherein with an underpowered Alfa Romeo he managed to fend off the mighty Mercedes-Benz and Auto Union silver bullets - I noticed a some enabling sonofabitch posted an Eberhard & Co “Tazio Nuvolari” new & unworn with an alligator band. Five bills ($500). What was I supposed to do? I did exactly that.

The dial features a small image of a tortoise (his adopted mascot, worn as a broach) with his initials TN in the center.

Nuvolari is such an obscure but important part of motorsport history I really am tickled to have this in the collection... contrary to my very weak pledge to hold off on additional acquisitions in 2021.

That is Sir Rolls who appears to be wondering what the hell is wrong with me...
I love this image of the Great One demonstrating the oversteer-heavy driving style he made his own...

I will say, with reverence, that is one fucked up signature, Tazio! It looks like (Mercedes-Benz racing manager) Alfred Neubauer signed it on his behalf...
Lastly, that’s a great question, Smells - and the lume is perfectly “sufficient” and applied thoughtfully...
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Re: Oops - I Bought The Wrong Product!

Post by biglove » February 20th 2021, 11:27am

Have read that Eberhard still makes a fine watch and by the photos, it would appear this is true.

Some of their vintage enamel and two-tone dials are absolutely fantastic.

Good addition and more than enough lume to please the masses.

Well done, Nuvo.
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Re: Oops - I Bought The Wrong Product!

Post by TemerityB » February 20th 2021, 1:46pm

Eberhard does, indeed, still make a fine product. I got to handle some at the watch fairs here in NYC.

That one is really one of a kind. Very unique, seriously. The more I gaze at it, the more I like it.

Nothing "wrong" here! For that price? You stole that watch, man. Good on ya.
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