A Seiko Sagely Springs into the Herd..

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A Seiko Sagely Springs into the Herd..

Post by Thunder1 » January 12th 2021, 6:18am

Well, the newest addition to the herd is the Seiko Presage SNR037J1...first introduced to the public in the latter half of 2019, it and it's sister offering, the black dial Presage SNR039J1, each feature hand painted enamel dials and the 5R65 Spring Drive movement..here's a pic of mine..
Seiko Presage SNR037J1(1).JPG
Held at certain angles in good lighting situations, the enamel finish is eye catching, particularly around the sloping edges of the power reserve and day of the month windows..the black painted Didoni style numerals are a nice compliment to the spade & leaf hour/minute hands..here's a pic of it alongside my recently acquired SPB093J1, which features an Arita porcelain dial face..I must admit the Arita porcelain has a richer look to it..
Seiko Presages SNR037J1 & SPB093J1 Arita Porc(1).JPG
As mentioned earlier, the 40mm polished SS case houses a 5R65 Spring Drive movement, which is the same as the 9R65 movement found in Seiko's GS series and should deliver about +/- 1 sec per day accuracy..however, it isn't decorated to the extent that the 9r65 is..while not cheap, I picked this up from an authorized dealer for $3,500.00, which is $1,000.00 under retail..I know that this is the 'entry level' GS price range, but this offering really meets my taste in dress, or formal office, wrist wear..

The Watch Gods give this baby 2 spears up!!..
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Re: A Seiko Sagely Springs into the Herd..

Post by biglove » January 12th 2021, 6:47pm

Saw it in the WURW and was hoping you would discuss it. Beautiful dial and a very good price to own a Spring Drive.

And yeah, the other enamel dial is even better looking. Appears to be warmer and to possess more depth. I would be proud to wear either.

Very nice addition.
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