New (lightly used) watch coming

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New (lightly used) watch coming

Post by bbattle » November 19th 2020, 5:58pm

I ran across a watch that for myself, I'd probably take a pass. Dial is not quite Bauhaus, not quite Flieger, but still simple enough. SW-22 movement with sapphire caseback, steel case, leather strap, etc. the usual.

But the company name is the same as my favorite cousin. And the watch dial is blue; one of only five the company made. And the price is right. worn twice by a watch collector that I've dealt with in the past. He's giving me enough of a discount that I'm pretty sure he didn't pay retail for it, either.

Plus, the microbrand backstory did not have me reaching for cabriole tablelegs or a bottle of ipecac.

I'll post pics when it arrives.

I also dropped the hammer on a Timex Indieglo for one of the granddaughters. May it take her eyes off that stupid smartphone for 5 seconds a day.
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