New Arrival - Seiko 5 SRPD73 Diver

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New Arrival - Seiko 5 SRPD73 Diver

Post by SynMike » November 3rd 2020, 2:32pm

This Amazon Prime Day special has arrived. It is a model I was considering when Amazon put it out at a great price (Canadian equivalent of ~$157 US).


I'm not sure if I will keep it. Amazon has a good return policy so it could go back. I'm considering several factors:
1. I already bought 3 other Seiko divers in the past 3 months and an unplanned Hamilton a few days ago. So maybe I've spent too much lately.
2. I was quite taken with the ivory colour of the indices in pictures online. But now that I have it I see that the bright silver of the bezel marking clashes a little bit with the dial indices.
3. The watch seems quite high while the diameter is a bit small for me.
4. Crown is not screw down. That's a minor point to me. I have plenty of watches with locking crowns for swimming.

This model is compatible with mod parts intended for SKX. Do I want to go there? I could put in a sapphire crystal, different bezel or dial. But do I really want to spend that money on this platform? Maybe if I'm interested in modding, I should just get an SKX?

Overall, it's a nice watch for the money but I'm on the fence as to whether I'm keeping it.
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