New Arrival - Hamilton Khaki Air Race

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New Arrival - Hamilton Khaki Air Race

Post by SynMike » November 1st 2020, 10:49pm

I wasn't looking for this model. But it was on sale at 80% off so the taxes-in price was only $245 Canadian (about $184 US). It was pretty much a no-brainer at that price. It has the Hamilton H-10, their equivalent of the Tissot Powermatic movement. It's a variant off the 2824 with 80 hour power reserve. The indices are a bit Panerai-like. It's not a sandwich dial but the indices are cut out and filled with the lume. The dial itself is usually dark grey but at the right angle you it reflects a light grey with brushed surface (2nd picture below). It probably looks bigger than it feels, but maybe that's because, at this case size, I'm used to having a divers bezel reducing the dial size. The clasp is made from very thick steel. Overall build quality feels great. I'm pretty happy with it.


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