gnu Wartch Hear!!

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Re: gnu Wartch Hear!!

Post by MKTheVintageBloke » August 15th 2020, 8:33pm

It’s a cool Longines. Looks way better than the new generation with ceramic bezels.
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Re: gnu Wartch Hear!!

Post by biglove » August 15th 2020, 9:53pm

Damn, Conj. You are on a roll with great watches.
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Re: gnu Wartch Hear!!

Post by conjurer » August 15th 2020, 11:03pm

TemerityB wrote:
August 15th 2020, 8:47pm
Well, well!

Opted for an HC, ey? We need back story!
Well, OK. I previously posted about buying a Breitling Superocean not too long ago. Alas, when I placed the order for the yellow dial on the bracelet, it turned out that I had ordered the 44mm instead of what I wanted, a 42mm. I called that morning and was able to cancel the order; I reconsidered the price I was paying, and opted for the less expensive Longines Hydroconquest auto chrono, which I had long coveted.

As Mr. Bloke says, him being a Longines salesman and all, that this is the older model, the new models having the ceramic bezel. It is 300 meters WR, and uses a Valjoux 7753 movement, modified by Longines to operate on a column wheel. The big difference between the old 7753 and the Longines modified is that the chrono seconds hand starts very quickly, with a simple push of the upper tyme Knob, which feels much easier than the hard push required by most Valjoux movements.

I would have liked the bracelet to be tapered for comfort, but the Longines tapers not at all. The center links are highly polished, and which are likely to scratch a lot over time.
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Re: gnu Wartch Hear!!

Post by MAX » August 16th 2020, 5:21am

That is a very nice watch. I was impressed when I tried one on in some airport somewhere in another life.
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Re: gnu Wartch Hear!!

Post by Thunder1 » August 16th 2020, 5:51am

Many a Watch God are are draining their ale filled gourds in salute to your fine ass pickup...congrats!!..
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