Tissot Sea-Touch & a Glycine Combat Sub

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Tissot Sea-Touch & a Glycine Combat Sub

Post by biglove » June 17th 2020, 6:38pm

Last week, after having an abscessed molar pulled, in a narcotic induced haze I evidently purchased three watches.

One of which is the Tissot Sea Touch T0264201103100, white dial.

From what I have read, these hit the market about eleven years ago for around $1200. Joma had it for $199 and I bit. Sucker is huge thick but the tech is neat. Have always thought the Tissot Touch line really cool tech. I don’t dive but the next time my fat ass is in pool, I will have a new toy to play with.



Picked up a Combat Sub, model GL0078, also. No clue what retailer I bought it from but arrived quickly and is solid.

Watch #3 is inbound.
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Re: Tissot Sea-Touch & a Glycine Combat Sub

Post by conjurer » June 17th 2020, 6:45pm

That Tissot is making my dick twitch. It'll be amazing to hear about when you get your next credit card bill. At least you didn't order a Realdoll with Vibro-Vagina™.
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Re: Tissot Sea-Touch & a Glycine Combat Sub

Post by Thunder1 » June 18th 2020, 4:35am

Many a Watch God are draining horns filled to the brim w/ their finest ales in salute to your fine ass hauls..keep on hunting!!!..
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