Bought a new watch!

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Re: Bought a new watch!

Post by conjurer » April 8th 2020, 7:40pm

Falstaff wrote:
April 8th 2020, 6:57pm
smellody wrote:
April 8th 2020, 6:54pm
Named after Forest Gump's hot sweetie.

You bought a Lieutenant Dan?
Jaysus H. Christ, TMMLH.
I find tv watches to be like the guys who raise their truck you need a fricken ladder to get in. It’s a attempt to look cool... that’s all.

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Re: Bought a new watch!

Post by smellody » April 8th 2020, 8:46pm

smellody wrote:
April 8th 2020, 6:49pm
I was going to buy one from my favorite Chicago dealer before going to Hawaii last year. It was lightly used, but half what I just paid for new.
I just reread this as nonEnglish.

So, my Chicago watch guy had one that was barely used. I went to but it to use in Hawaii.... but it sold.

I picked this one up NIB for half what he was asking.

If it is a keeper, I'm going to source a mesh or beads of rice bracelet for it.
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