Potger Pietri - Here and out again

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Potger Pietri - Here and out again

Post by koimaster » September 20th 2012, 2:48pm

So WD had this for sale here a few weeks ago and two things came to mind when I saw it. The first being that I would not be happy if some geek registered here to buy this and then went to WG bragging he purchased it at WL. The second thing that came to mind was to see if the movement was genuine and if anything else was chinese or worse.

I had my watch guy Matt open the case and look at it and the movement. Although I would prefer to say it was chinese made as is most of the shit Invicta sells these days, the movement was stamped Swiss, and there was nothing to indicate China on it. Matt is certain the case was Chinese made as was the bracelet. The clasp was cheap and the weld broke when he opened it to look it over so a new clasp was ordered and he installed it today keeping the Potger-Pietri closure.

All research I have done leads to the easy conclusion that the earthquake story is absolute bullshit. A copy of a post I made in 2009 at XMT,

http://xtrememeantime.forumotion.com/t23-potger-pietri-by-invicta-swiss-made and here

http://watchedgeeks.forumotion.net/t40-potger-pietri-watches which is the same post I made at watchgeeks in Spring 2008 and which led to me being....... well we all know what it led to.

From WTF by Rusty:

the EARTHQUAKE WATCH."To say the history of Potger-Pietri began with a shaky start would be an understatement. After all, the prototpe for our very first watch never actually made it to testing. It did go through hell.On November 23, 1980, the Irpinia earthquake shocked the Campano-Lucano Apennines in Southern Italy. It decimated the area in a matter of minutes (6.9 on the Richter scale will do that). Cars were crushed and buildings collapsed, including one where Joseph Potger and Allessandro Pietri were constructing a new stainless steel watch the night before.Days later, while sifting through the rubble, the Swiss engineer and Italian designer found the prototype pnned beneath eight stories of crumbled concrete and twisted steel. It was in near-flawless condition and still keeping perfect time. For two men standing the middle of complete devastation, they were euphoric.They no longer had a workshop. But they did have one extremeely tough watch on their hands.And so Potger-Pietri was born, and our very first production watch, christened the 6.9, was designed to withstand the same kind of punishment as the the watch it was named for. Nearly twenty-fiveyears later, we're still making watches like the 6.9 and the new Seismic Series that will not only stand the test of time, but anything this planet can dish out."

A extensive google search over the years has come up with nada about the men who allegedly designed this watch so I add this to the fantasy stories that Invicta has come up with over the years which include Granny lalo and the Russian Diver, Swiss Factories and 48 $150 dollar watches somehow adding up to $78,000 in donations to the troops.

Impression, heavy watch, proprietary bracelet, dial simialr to the NOA although smaller. As WD had written elsewhere, pushers make using the crown with out a tool a pain in the ass. Positives, clean dial for a v7750, smaller in size at 43mm and most who I hve shown this to like the watch.

Ok, that is it, now to list this elsewhere and get rid of it.



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Re: Potger Pietri - Here and out again

Post by TemerityB » September 21st 2012, 5:10am

Stuff like this just gives one that tingly, warm feeling of familiarity: Remember, if IWG has anything to do with anything, it's wrapped in a warm, silky layer of freshly laid bullshit.

But it's Swiss Made!
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Re: Potger Pietri - Here and out again

Post by hcharles » July 3rd 2014, 10:25am

Another fairy tale brought to life by the Lalo writing staff.
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Re: Potger Pietri - Here and out again

Post by Horse Feathers » July 3rd 2014, 2:38pm

catnap wrote:Potger Pietri? Sounds like a quaffable, white wne.

To me it sounds like a product you spray in the bathroom after a Maine Bean Suppah !

"I did lose a pusher pulling it out of the mug however
it doesn't affect functionality"

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