Intro To Russian Watchmaking

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Intro To Russian Watchmaking

Post by koimaster » August 16th 2020, 10:33pm

While it’s probably not a big secret to dedicated watch enthusiasts, plenty of people might still be unaware that there are quite a few watch brands based in Russia. And, more importantly, they make impressive, often unique and, for the most part, highly-dependable timepieces. Basically, if you like watches, this is a whole new rabbit hole to get yourself lost in as you delve into the history, design language and uniqueness of the various Russian watchmakers.

For now, however, we’re going to take a closer look at two models from two brands that—in their own unique ways—beautifully capture the appeal and variety of Russian watches.

Raketa “Baikonur” 0247

During the Soviet era, Raketa produced watches for the various branches of the military and also for the space industry. Obviously, reliability and toughness were the hallmarks of the brand’s watches. This particular watch—the Baikonur—was designed in collaboration with an actual cosmonaut, Sergei Krikalev, who is also a prominent rocket scientist and holds third place for the longest time spent in space (more than 803 days). ... WtkkQ53BIA


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