Watchmaking "Polet-Chronos"

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Watchmaking "Polet-Chronos"

Post by koimaster » December 7th 2017, 11:22am

"The main wealth of our
plant is people, masters of
their craft"

Director General
LM. Martynov

About the factory

The watchmaking "Polet-Chronos" is a modern, dynamically developing company based on the best traditions of the Russian watch industry.

For more than 50 years, the enterprise was part of the First Moscow Watch Factory and worked on special orders, including orders of the Ministry of Defense.

In this shop, unique precision time instruments were produced for the Navy and aviation. The watches "Shturmanskie" became a legend here, and they also collected awards watches for the Russian government.

In a difficult time for our country, the leadership was able to integrate the capabilities of the unique shop into market relations, creating an independent enterprise for the production of watches. The enterprise inherited the technical capacities, technologies and staff of the high-class professionals of the First Moscow Watch Factory.

In modern times the fleet of production machines at the Polet-Chronos enterprise is constantly being updated. In place of obsolete, obsolete machines, new modern imported equipment is purchased, which allows increasing the range and volume of production.

The company takes the leading position in the market of gift watches with the customer's symbols, is the only manufacturer of unique high-precision instruments - Marine chronometer and deck clock, creates wonderful desktop and fireplace clock, using the mechanisms of its own production, natural and ornamental stones, precious metals.

Own production base allows you to make mechanical watches, quartz watches, laser engraving on watches, using traditional methods and the most advanced European developments.
more about our production
Our production produces a unique watch series "Collections of Russia." These watches are given to special people in special cases. Their value lies in the fact that the hull and mechanism are fully manufactured in Russia, are multilevel tested and have a quality guarantee of the manufacturer.

Watchmaking "Polet-Chronos" presents to you a collection with the trade mark "Polet-Style", which includes watches for men and for women. The clock uses the mechanisms of the world's best manufacturers. It is important that our watches are affordable.

The watch "Polet-Style" combines the best traditions of domestic watch making and a new, modern design. This watch perfectly combines reliability and impeccable style. Modern Russian watches are respectable and very harmoniously complement the image of a successful man. Women will appreciate the elegance and elegance of models designed specifically for them.


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Re: Watchmaking "Polet-Chronos"

Post by MKTheVintageBloke » December 7th 2017, 12:23pm

Fuck me, they don't even have an English version of the website. Good that I remember some Cyrillic, so I can figure out a word or two of that. My knowledge of Russian vocabulary is, sadly, limited to "suka", "blyat", "idi nahui", "pashol v pizdu", and the most universal "yob tvoiu mat."

The watches aren't particularly pretty either, they even have a 42.5mm chrono with Putin's mug on the dial.
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