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Kevin's Russian Time

Post by koimaster » October 10th 2016, 10:21am

About Us

Hello, and welcome to I am Kevin and the Chief Collector here, but not all alone! With me in collecting and trading Russian watches is Victor Goloubev. Victor has been a lawyer and run a retail watch business in Moscow for twenty five years. He is the negotiating partner in the team for all Russian Brands, he gets the models that we love the most and can wear for a while and trade quickly. Above all of that he is a wonderful friend. As there is no real internet based market for his business in Russia, I have agreed to setup this website for him to help him bring his watches to market, why would I do that? Well so I can also have an arena to trade and sell my personal watches of which I have over three hundred! Although this site is a hobby site for me, Victor can get you all of the new models you wish as he is an authorized reseller for all Russian Models! On the technical side of the site is “The Old Moustache” he is the webmaster and Three Star General in charge of the technical war room here at Kevins Russian time. He knows things about the web that he could tell you but then he would have to kill you! Now that you know the team, here is a little about our goal. This is the first re-write of the sites front page since we began ops back in 2003. Back then our focus was solidly on Collecting Russian Watches and on the toughness yet the price didn’t break the budget description of those Russian’s. As the years have passed and I have listened to all of the watch guys on all of the watch sites, we have decided to make a few changes in other words we hear you. Watch guys want a site where they can buy and trade a used vintage watch, or a new Russian Rugged Military Watch, maybe a high quality Japanese or American model. I began this site committed to bringing you the finest in Russian mechanical watches by giving Victor an avenue to sell his products, and keeping a vintage page for me to sell my personal watches and use the proceeds to buy even more watches. That has in no way changed we have simply decided that there are now some very tough NON Russian Brands from America the best we feel is Bernhardt Watch Company, now available here at, Victor is an authorized reseller of Bernhardt watches and also….

There was a time in our history where the wristwatch was an integral part of our everyday life as men. The wristwatch helped us as a tool to ensure our timeliness. However these same pieces of equipment were useless without the input daily of its wearer. We had to wind the watch at regular intervals in our life thus making the watch a part of us. These timepieces now have been replaced by P.D.A’s and cell phones with clocks on the cover that are digital. We as men have lost the inverse relationship to our timepieces. Well not all of us!

Back in the day a man’s wristwatch was a literal extension of himself from the utilitarian dial of the soldiers wristwatch to the CEO’s flashier more noticeable watch, they were a part of us, they were a tool of our day. Without our watch we felt naked, well for some that feeling is still alive and well..

Today the mechanical wristwatch has become a manual wind and an autowinder that as long as our wrists are in movement the watch is wound as a small off balance rotor is rotated over the winding mechanism and the watch is wound. Of course there are also Quartz watches that are battery powered, electrifying a small piece of quartz causing it to vibrate and power the watch. These watches became very inexpensive and quickly overtook the mechanical market for ease of manufacture and fast track to market.

Having been blessed in my life, it is a pure pleasure to help new entrepreneurs market their products and as such we are proud to offer two service here where Neither Victor nor Kevin make any money from: Jaffy Jurado makes the much sought after Olongapo bracelets – check out his products page.


“Your heart was warm and happy

With the lilt of Irish laughter

Every day and in every way

Now forever and ever after."
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