Esquire: 62 Watches For 2021

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Esquire: 62 Watches For 2021

Post by TemerityB » February 1st 2021, 5:20pm

At least they chose from virtually all price points:

2021! The beginning of a brand new era which... feels a lot like the last. Your enervation is warranted. But empty fuel tanks aren't universal. In Switzerland, those big-ticket watch brands don't let a little pandemic get them down. On the contrary, our 2021 is already shaping up to be a banner year for great new watches.

Granted, said watch brands plan and schedule their big releases years in advance. And the Swiss are nothing if not punctual (it's not an unusual sight to see every single lab-coated watchmaker at their workspace at 9am on the dot), so it comes as little surprise that they've got good stuff lined up – really, actually, genuinely good stuff from Rolex, Tag Heuer, Breitling and so on.

Below, then, are our favourite new watches that you can buy right now, as well as a few that will be landing in the next 12 months. See, things are looking better already. In fact, 2021 might be the year you have the best time ever – and here are the best watches of the year to prove it. ... s-watches/
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Re: Esquire: 62 Watches For 2021

Post by biglove » February 2nd 2021, 3:53pm

There is bullshit, total bullshit and then there is this list.
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