RS: Best Watches Under $1,000

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RS: Best Watches Under $1,000

Post by TemerityB » January 22nd 2021, 11:50am

Rolling Stone is the last place I excepted an article like this. The list is also pretty awful, IMHO. Also shocking that a organization noted for its journalism is now doing the click-through pennies thing, but that's life these days. Also, looking at watches that cost a grand as "investment worthy" is ridiculous.

Shopping for watches around $1,000 can sometimes feel like a bleak endeavor. It’s a middle ground between grail-level timepieces and affordable sets you can buy at department stores. If you’re currently in this situation, fear not: $1,000 can get you a great timepiece. The best watches under $1,000 have the build quality and features to compete with the most prestigious brands, while be able to outlast cheaper, more common watches. ... 0-1115620/
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Re: RS: Best Watches Under $1,000

Post by MAX » January 22nd 2021, 1:03pm

All the usual suspects.

I used to hate the Hamilton Ventura Open Heart but I can see rocking one these days. Could still stand to lose the open heart.
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