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Two Broke Watch Snobs

Post by koimaster » May 1st 2019, 9:18am

About the Two Broke Watch Snobs

“Dude, WE should just do a podcast.”

“What are we supposed to do? Drink on-air and talk watches?”


That was basically the start of it – the first conversation that spiraled into Mike Penate and Kaz Mirza starting the Two Broke Watch Snobs podcast. From the get-go a lot of the planning before they even recorded their first episode focused on the format of discussions, structuring each topic, making sure there was a plan for each episode, and so on. Until one day Mike and Kaz said “screw it” and just started recording without any real agenda – just a loose set of watches they wanted to cover based on a nebulous, and mostly vague topic. What unfolded was a natural, organic, and honest conversation about horology that could best be described as “horology bar talk” complete with inappropriate jokes, personal neuroses, as well as a candid and often cutting perspective into the nature of authentic watch collecting. In March of 2017 Mike and Kaz were proud to launch this website offering more candid horology content, which includes written articles, honest watch reviews, and more.

The Two Broke Watch Snobs advocate for the rights of horology enthusiasts everywhere to collect and express their horological passion in a way that is true to themselves and not contingent upon a marketing based, watch brand agenda. The Two Broke Watch Snobs also advocates for the clear, and no-bullshit discussion of the current state of watch collecting in the world, because the reality is that horology discussion is missing a lot of honesty and candor. So they plan on talking about watches and drinking on-air for a long time.

The TBWS Team:

Michael Penate: Founder and Writer
Kaz Mirza: Founder and Writer
Rebecca Cuthbertson: Production Manager

TBWS Watch Reviews: What To Expect

What are our watch reviews all about? Honesty and real-world insights. We’re watch lovers first which means we always try and conduct reviews from the viewpoint of an actual normal person’s wearing perspective. We generally don’t cover watches that are ridiculously overpriced or just not accessible to real, down to earth watch folk like us. We specifically focus on affordable watch reviews because that’s what we’ve always wanted more of in the watch blog world.

Watch reviews are generally conducted and broken down into focusing on 4 parts of a timepiece.

Watch Reviews in 4 Parts:
1.The Case
2.The Dial
3.The Strap/Bracelet
4.The Movement

After-which we round out our review with an overall perspective on the watch. Please check out the sections below detailing how we approach each section of the review.

The Case:

Design and real-world wearability are huge factors for us in how we conduct watch reviews. That’s why we start with the case. We always try and focus on the intersection (and sometimes the divergence) between how a watch case looks and how it actually wears on the wrist. We also critique the overall quality of finishing, which is becoming something watch folks are looking for more of in affordable watch reviews.

The Dial:

This is traditionally where the visual impact of the watch occurs. But what makes a watch dial aesthetically and functionally successful? That’s one of the main things we explore with out watch reviews. A dial isn’t just about the colors – it’s about how the brand decided to balance all the interior dial elements in relation to each other. Our watch reviews tend to focus on digging deep into the symmetry and asymmetry of what makes a dial visually successful (whether the aim of the watch is to be aesthetically pleasing, functional, or both).

The Strap/Bracelet:

As watch blogs have evolved scrutiny of straps and bracelets has increased. That’s because traditionally pulling back on quality in this area has been a cost-cutting measure which inevitably impacts the consumer in most circumstances. That’s why TBWS focuses so heavily on straps/bracelets in our watch reviews. Breaking down the materials, construction, changeability, and overall aesthetics, a TBWS watch review will offer a holistic perspective on what to expect with a timepiece’s strap/bracelet.

The Movement:

Rarely seen but impossible to live without. In traditional watch reviews movements never received too much attention. But as consumers begin to become more and more curious about every aspect of what they’re spending their hard earned money on, attention on what makes a watch tick has increased. That’s why we dedicated an appropriate portion of our watch reviews to focusing on a timepiece’s movement. Whether it’s a mechanical or quartz mechanism, the TBWS watch blog appreciates all movement types and is dedicated to offering an authentic opinion on both the movement itself and how it’s actually utilized and featured by the watch brand. Plus, we’re movement geeks. So we love talking about this stuff.

If you have any questions about how we conduct watch reviews please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. And be sure to check out our weekly watch podcast!


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