70's watch gallery

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70's watch gallery

Post by koimaster » February 5th 2019, 9:41am


Watch Gallery of the 70s

For those of you who are wondering what this is,
I'll tell you that I've been collecting watches from the 70s,

The truth is that I had never been a watchmaker, not even an amateur
, but I have always been a great self-taught person and if I start with something I can not stop

some year ago, a sudden restlessness seized me
and as an abductee I entered a fever and terrible fascination for the watches of the 70 ..

tacky and weird like them alone sometimes,

but in most cases ... fascinating.

So I launched to his search and capture, task not easy because of the high price that some reach and the difficulty to find them in good condition

Fortunately, what would have taken me a whole life
now is much more affordable thanks to the network, not without some danger
due also to the simple thing that results in casting cheap imitations or bad restorations for authentic pieces thanks to the lack of documentation available in the most of the cases

Therefore, following the steps of Alberto (lumber) and his excellent blog
I decided to do something similar but in a different way ....

something perhaps more ambitious, that would serve us all as a road map,

or consultation for our future acquisitions

until now I had opened some thematic threads
in another forum

these threads I decided to include them there in only one, as a consulting watchmaking encyclopedia,

but in this blog I will do something different,

thanks to the opportunity that they have given me, Alberto and the teacher Pedro Izquierdo ,

In the next few days we can enjoy all of them arranged in their respective threads in this blog created especially for the occasion , by strict alphabetical order which will make it much easier to consult in the future.

from here I thank you publicly for the support you have shown me in this project

Little by little, slowly, but with good writing I am creating a complete database of images of seventies clocks, then sort them into a kind of fotolog that will help us all to learn to know what to look for and how to distinguish the good from the bad easily.

It has been an arduous and somewhat tiring task but I already have more than 15,000 photos and more than 1,001 model references of the 70
that are worth looking for and collecting to the best of our ability.

Naturally, not all of them are (or were) but they are all those who are

To order everything, I have created a website as a fotolog in which you can consult exhaustively the best examples that I have of each brand.

And it pretends to be a Great Reference Guide or Book of Header for everything that clocks of the 70 are concerned, a rather dark period in the history of watchmaking and of which there is little information available generally.




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