Well now I'm convinced Alan is a Pussy

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Re: Well now I'm convinced Alan is a Pussy

Post by foghorn » February 20th 2010, 12:38pm

Agent Orange wrote:Well the man with the changing identities (Alan) flat out lied to others about what I thought was a private conversation between him and me. Needless to say, whatever respect I had for him is gone.


Not very surprising,but interesting.
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Re: Well now I'm convinced Alan is a Pussy

Post by eddiea » May 4th 2014, 1:58am

Datsun240Z71 wrote:I've met "yamahaki" or "NISMOwhatever" he calls himself ast WGs (Sean Adams)on 2 seperate occassions here in Nashville. He does drive the red Nissan NISMO 350Z. He came across as arrogant and pretty unfriendly, and would not even tell me his last name when I asked. He came to one of our car club meetings and to a car show I was entered in. He claimed to be a test rider for major motorcycle manufacturer's race teams. I invited him to some Z car events including a track day and a visit to Tail of the Dragon after he bragged that he was really into driving events, and not meetings or car shows, and he neither responded or attended. I also saw the "proof" regarding his (alleged) military service and IMO that's just pathetic.
As for Alan's forum, I post there occassionally and really didn't see the ''drama" unfold. I try to stay above the fray in these instances.

I have to say, I completely missed this thread 4 years ago, never too interested in WG/xtremetime etc.etc. politics .
The "Yamahaki/NISMO" character strike me as the poser, keyboard commando, overall idiot variety, they seem to thrive in the low IQ, watchgeeks environment.
Looking at Jeff predictions, I'm afraid Watch Forums had slowly developed into real crap , with emphasis in the "don't you just love my new watch" stroke fests" untouchable brand sponsors and watch unrelated/social media style gossip complete with inconsequential bullshit content, a shame.... really miss the good old times .
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Re: Well now I'm convinced Alan is a Pussy

Post by Mark1 » May 4th 2014, 11:23pm

Watch Noob wrote:Wow nice bump, I really went off on a rant on this one. :dev:

Not quite a DWC rant, but nonetheless noteworthy. Yamahaki is a poser asshole on par with Has been and that is saying something. XMT was going good for a while until Alan pussed out, and pissed off a lot of members. Funny that WatchLords got it's start around that time. I joined here early wondering if it (this) would last-the rest is history.
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