Hamilton American Classic ODC X-03 Auto - Ltd Ed 1999pcs

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Hamilton American Classic ODC X-03 Auto - Ltd Ed 1999pcs

Post by Thunder1 » May 5th 2020, 8:42am

Hamilton American Classic ODC X-03 Auto - Ltd Ed 1999pcs

Before we get into the ODC X-03, it's worth mentioning the designer that got this futuristic piece onto the watch market. Nathan Crowley is an English production designer who has been nominated for numerous prestigious awards for his movie set work. One of the best work knowns got to be the award-winning sci-fi movie Interstellar in 2014. With his creative vision, it is ergo allowed him to design a futuristic masterpiece that took inspiration from the planet Jupiter, giving birth to this 999 pieces LE.

The ODC X-3 carries the essence of steampunk that seeks to combine historical horology elements with anachronistic technological attributes that pulled off from science fiction. It features a hexagon case made out of titanium material that gets treated in full-black tone, measuring at 42mm wide and 52mm virtually from lug to lug, as the watch has lug-less livery. In this case, the case provides the wearer comfort with these dimensions, including the lugless design, allowing the strap to flows out of the case seamlessly. Furthermore, the asymmetrical matte rivets (total of 11) on the bezel celebrates a sassy twist from conventional ones, while holding the bezel firmly onto the main case.

Our Price: USD3460 (Free DHL Express*)
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