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Re: Deep Blue Sale Event - Jomashop

Post by conjurer » April 26th 2018, 9:12pm

TemerityB wrote:Those prices are half off?

Say it with me: SAY-KO. SAYYY ... ko.

Remarkably, there are (obviously) plenty of people who will pay way more money for a brand like Deep Blew, which uses (by and large) Seiko movements, rather than pay less and buy--wait for it--a Seiko. Loaf is correct--at $99, these watches would be pretty decent. Nobody ever accused Stain Betosh of making a shoddy product--cobbling together catalogue watches, yes; shamelessly ripping off the Seiko SKX007-009 diver, yes; being creepy on TV, yes. But DB watches, for the most part, tend to work, and when they don't, Stain tended to stand behind them.

Or, you can just bypass the whole DB thing, and buy a Seiko.
My little brain can't even comprehend how deep that is.

--beefsupreme, commenting on his super rare Deep Blue wartche

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