Non watch company that my uncle started

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Non watch company that my uncle started

Post by abduksion » November 28th 2016, 10:06pm

I got permission from Koi to post this. My uncle decided to take up a
new hobby making hand made soap bars like the ones you see at Marshall's
and TJ Max that sell for around $15-20 each for half the price. He makes these by hand at his
house as all the molds, & ingredients which are all 100% natural uses no chemicals
or perfumes that will usually make you itch or break out if you are allergic and its all made
here in the US in MA. So you know its a good quality product and you don't have to
worry about what's in it. He also list the ingredients on the box. These bars will make
a good gift to add to a basket of things like lotions, perfumes, bubble bath etc. Now
I'm only here to help out a family member cause trust me I ain't getting no cut :?
Anyways all I ask is you please respect this thread and please pass the word
on. Thank You. Link to where to buy them ... etiri+soap
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Re: Non watch company that my uncle started

Post by biglove » February 28th 2017, 7:17am

koimaster wrote:I clicked on the link to order some for my daughter and it says unavailable?

Maybe try here?
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