Two of my Favorite shots.....

Give us your best or worst shot
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Re: Two of my Favorite shots.....

Post by Hawk » August 5th 2016, 10:02am

Well, I actually checked your Instagram link from the intro thread and would admit that if they hadn't inhibited direct linking I would have posted that "watch on a gas burner" pic.

That's pretty spiffy.

And, welcome, GODDAM it.
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Post by anonymous-10 » August 5th 2016, 10:04am

That's a beady nice pic of the Air Blue.

The other ones pretty hot too.
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Re: Two of my Favorite shots.....

Post by SN13 » August 5th 2016, 10:06am


Right click the images on the Instagram thingy, and "View Page Source" then CTRL+F (find) and search "jpg" and low and behold, the image URL pops up.

Fucking IG makes you backdoor to the image, but it's workable.

Here is the Burner shot link to Imgur without any edits.

be aware, it's a large photo :)
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