Leica Introduces Marina Bay Sands Limited Edition

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Leica Introduces Marina Bay Sands Limited Edition

Post by Darksider » August 1st 2016, 10:57am

Germany’s most famous camera maker just opened its latest outpost in Singapore inside the Marina Bay Sands casino complex, unveiling an 18-piece M-P digital rangefinder for the occasion.

Unusual being entirely in silver chrome, thanks to a synthetic textured wrap in the same colour, the M-P Marina Bay Sands Edition is functionally identical to the standard M-P. An engraving of Singapore’s lion head emblem on the lens hood as well a the Marina Bay Sands towers silhouette on the body are two overt references to the city state that’s now home to four Leica stores, which also carry the shutter-dial Leica wristwatch made by Valbray.

The Singapore edition is packaged with a matching silver chrome Summilux-M 35mm lens, and priced at S$19,000 (equivalent to US$14,200).

The M-P Marina Bay Sands Edition is only available at the eponymous store, which also offers photography workshops and camera test-drive sessions (which require registration online). More information is available from Leica Singapore.

http://watchesbysjx.com/2016/07/photogr ... ition.html


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Re: Leica Introduces Marina Bay Sands Limited Edition

Post by foghorn » August 1st 2016, 11:15am

Leica cameras are the balls. Something I always wanted when film existed but they were way out of reach. (and still are) I was always partial to the rangefinder type cameras. More discreet for street shooting.
My favorite camera right now is my Fuji x-30 which I got !) because it's a great little camera and, 2)It looks and handles a lot like an old rangefinder. Right down to the ability to use an eye level viewfinder., Easier for us old farts who still would rather live in a film world. And it doesn't cost a bazillion bucks like a leica.

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