Got bored-took out the camera

Give us your best or worst shot
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Re: Got bored-took out the camera

Post by biglove » March 27th 2015, 12:52pm

TemerityB wrote:
foghorn wrote:Unlike most of you communist heathens I like Americas pastime.

Me, too. Just a few more days till the MLB opener. To me, that's the official start of 2015.

Cool photos, BTW. That Omega is just too sweet.

Not a huge baseball fan but I love watching friends' kids play and loved watching it when mine played.

Pro games are fun in person but not so much on TV.

Nice photos and the CW and Omega are some kind of sweet.
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Mortuus Fakeuus

Re: Got bored-took out the camera

Post by Mortuus Fakeuus » March 28th 2015, 12:21am

Great pictures, Foggy! It really makes me miss my old mitt (which mysteriously disappeared after I left for college) and the days before MLB decided to go to cowhide balls. Excellent time, though, you should include a picture of your pecker in the pocket. :mrgreen:
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Re: Got bored-took out the camera

Post by Tzimisces » March 28th 2015, 12:44am

My youngest was into baseball. On a trip to Fenway in 03 he got Damon and a few others to sign his glove, which we of course still keep. When Damon jumped to the fuckin' Yankees it broke his heart. Any other team would have been ok. But the Yankees blow. The jets suck.
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