Extensive List of Watch Strap Vendors (mostly U.S.)

Straps, bracelets and parts
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Extensive List of Watch Strap Vendors (mostly U.S.)

Post by koimaster » April 21st 2022, 11:04pm

Recovered from the old site. May need updating. Add your own.

Orb Valley Straps - Custom (Paul) - http://www.orbstraps.com/1.html
Strapped for Time (David Helms) - http://www.strappedfortime.com/
mywatchmaker.net (Bob Turdling) - http://www.mywatchmaker.net/
Lonestar Watches (Walt Aronow) - http://www.lonestarwatches.com/
The Watch Prince - http://www.watchprince.com/
Freda Watch Straps - http://www.fredawatchstraps.com/index.html
Global Watch Band (Rich Winslow) - http://www.globalwatchband.com/
Banda - http://www.banda.com/
Don Ginsler - http://www.homestead.com/rlx/DON.html
Central Watch - http://www.centralwatch.com/home.htm
Jewelry Service - http://www.jewelryservice.com/watchbands/
West Coast Time - http://www.westcoastime.com/
Watch Band - http://www.watchband.biz/
County Comm - http://www.countycomm.com/
Watch Band Center - http://www.watchbandcenter.com/
TC Straps - http://timeconnection.biz/Merchant2/mer ... de=CUSTRPS
Watch Band World - http://www.watch-band-world.com/
Watch Material - http://www.watchmaterial.com/catalog/pr ... BANDS&sp=1
Otto Frei - http://www.ofrei.com/WatchBandsAndStraps.html
Sirtoli Fine Watch Straps - http://www.sirtoli.com/
Exotic Watch Bands (Thailand) - http://www.exoticwatchbands.com/
Milano Watch Bands - http://www.watchbandsllc.com/cgi-local/ ... store.html
Military Watch Resource Straps - http://www.broadarrow.net/straps.htm
Old Father Time - http://www.oldfathertime.com/watchbands.htm
d.freemont Accessories - http://www.dfreemontwatches.com/watch_bands.htm
WatchNetwork - http://www.watchnetwork.com/watchstraps/
Vogue Strap (Timex) - http://www.voguestrap.com/
Watch Cat Accessories - http://www.watchcat.com/accessories.htm
Watchpital - http://watchpital.com/onlinestore.html
International Watchman - http://www.internationalwatchman.com/home.html
cmaddox - http://home.xnet.com/~cmaddox/watch.html


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