Straps for Vintage Wristwatches

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Straps for Vintage Wristwatches

Post by koimaster » February 2nd 2022, 4:19pm

Welcome to my web site. I am a Chartered Engineer and watch collector named David Boettcher - but please don't worry about my family name, just call me David. I became interested in vintage watches in 2004 when I inherited my grandfather's and grandmother's Rolex wristwatches, shown in the picture here. These were manufactured during the Great War (World War One, WW1, 1914 ‐ 1918) and my grandfather's wristwatch has the fixed wire lugs that were usual for men's wristwatches at the time.

I wanted to be able to wear my grandfather's wristwatch but I found at the time that it was impossible to get a strap to fit the narrow fixed wire lugs, so after a lot of fruitless searching I eventually had one made. I had to pay for the tooling needed to make the design I wanted, which would have made a single strap very expensive. I realised that there were probably other watch collectors wanting a strap like this but not able to find one. So I had a few extra straps made and started this web site to let people know about My Vintage Watch Strap Designs.


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