Safety catch fix

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Safety catch fix

Post by codguy » September 28th 2019, 11:02am

Suppose I'm putting this in the wrong sub-forum.....

One of the many BASM's I had gifted over the years came back to visit with a issue, the safety catch on the clasp doesn't.
Issue is the catch ball no-longer lines up with the detent hole in the safety and the catch will not stay closed.

Here are the areas (on another wartch that doesn't have the problem)...


No pushing/pulling on those components are allowing the catch balls to hit the holes to stay.

Wondering if the smart fucks amongst us have either experienced this, know why it happen and/or can offer a fix short of replacement.
My first thought is the bracelet somehow stretched causing the issue.
I would like to fix this thing for him.
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Re: Safety catch fix

Post by Racer-X » September 28th 2019, 11:43am

Is the dive extension fully seated?

I'd try a new clasp spring bar if in play, in case it's bent. I've also replaced bent or broken security catch rivet pins using these pressure-fit pins, which are made for this. You order the size you need or an assortment, then if necessary, cut or file the pin to fit, then press-fit the rivet ends.

Or maybe a few hammer taps to move the hole closer.

2mm head ... 2mm-heads/

Assortment ... 70-pieces/

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